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The Angie Land Cat Sanctuary can be found in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Our top priority is to provide a secure and dependable safe haven for cats and kittens, where they can flourish in a loving, healthy, and comfortable atmosphere.


Our organization is dedicated to providing support for cats and kittens who require rescue, care, and assistance. We hold these missions close to our hearts, as each cat we care for has a unique backstory filled with struggle and hardship. Some were born with health issues, abandoned by their previous owners, or left fending for themselves as feral cats. Others are older or unwanted. Many of them have lost of a cat life or two before finding safety at the sanctuary.


🐾 Angie Land Cat Sanctuary 🐾

Discover what the website will have to offer:

❤️ Heartwarming Tales: ❤️

Be inspired by incredible journeys of rescue and helping out any animal in need. Specially cats and kittens. From heartwarming transformations to tales of resilience, you will witness firsthand what the power of true love, compassion, and a little bit of knowledge and common sense can really do.


📸 Picture Purrrfect: 📸

Feast your eyes on lovely photos of our feline residents. From sleepy kittens to playful adults, these snapshots will capture and show the true essence of the sanctuary.


🎉 Donations/Fundraisers: 🎉

Join us in making a positive impact! Learn the best way to make a donation to help out our cause. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of these ever-deserving cats and kittens. 100% of donations go to the sanctuary.  


🚀 Adoption Updates: 🚀

Stay tuned for adoption information. I will provide in-depth detailed descriptions of each cat with personality, special needs (if any), and the procedure to adopt. Perhaps you will find your purr-fect feline companion here in the future!


🫶🏼 Thank you for visiting the website for the Angie Land Cat Sanctuary. Your support means the world to the sanctuary and it really helps us achieve our goal to give them the love and second chances that they deserve. Remember to check back often for updates and pictures also the website will have an area for advice on simple help for animals that you can do at home so hopefully you can avoid a major vet bill for somehing simple. Kind of passing on some of the knowledge of what I have found out helps and works. 🫶🏼


If you have any questions or are in need of some assistance, PLEASE feel free to reach out by sending an email to 📬 ✍🏼 📬 ✍🏼


🌟  Welcome!  🌟

🐾  Angie Land Cat Sanctuary 🐾

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